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As a development engineer with over 15 years of experience on extensive development projects, I’ve specialized in site planning and layout.


Recognizing the amazing potential of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), I’ve come to appreciate their capacity to provide affordable and accessible housing for big families or for rental income.


My mission is to help every homeowner enjoy the process of designing and building an ADU in their own backyard while creating generational wealth for their families. 

Many of our clients have successfully used the additional income generated by their ADUs to acquire new properties and initiated the construction of additional ADUs.


With the right team by your side, you too can make this happen for your family. We pride ourselves as industry leaders, dedicated to helping you reach and surpass your goals.

A profile image of Ehab Elias, Director of Operations from EM Socal Engineering
Ehab Elias,
Director of Operations

How it Works

Step 1. Reach Out

Contact us. We will ask you for your property address to explain all the requirements that are specific to your property and the City where your property is located. 

Step 2. Design

With your input, we figure out the best option in terms of location, size and layout.  

Step 3. Draw

We draft all the required architectural and engineering plans required. Our team submits it to the City and acquires the Plan Approvals and Ready to Issue Permits to build. 

Step 4. Construction Support

We stick around during construction to provide any kind of needed construction support and answer questions that your contractor may have. We also have a list of approved contractors that we like to use and work with.  

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